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Stained Glass - Beginners and Intermediate at Highcrest Adult Learning Centre

Quick course information
Course date: 25 Apr 2017
Course time: 09:30 - 12:00
Course code: J2CR31AAM
Course duration: 10 weeks
Course Days: Tuesday 
Category: Stained glass and other crafts
Price: £151
Spaces available: Yes 
Centre information
Hatters Lane
High Wycombe
HP13 7NQ  

Annual Learner Registration Fee

There is an annual learner registration fee of £10.00. For learners on benefits who are unable to pay, this fee may be remitted on application for support from our Learner Support Fund. If you have enrolled on a course but have not yet paid your annual registration fee you will need to pay for this. AFTER completing your enrolment, you can do this by searching for 'annual' in the quick search box and enrolling on the 'Annual Registration Fee 16/17' item that appears.

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Course Information


Do I need any skills, experience or qualifications to join this class?

This course is for beginners or those with some experience who wish to develop their skills further. Beginners will start with a set project which will introduce them to the techniques of making stained glass. As we are working with lead this course is not suitable for anyone who thinks they might be pregnant, is pregnant or is nursing. This is quite a physical course and requires good manual dexterity.


Course aims and content

During the course learners will:


·         Learn how to make stained glass panels and windows using traditional tools and techniques.

·         Beginners will start with a set project which covers the various aspects of making stained glass: preparing a cutline and easel, cutting coloured glass, using lead to assemble the panel, soldering and cementing to finish.

·         Those who already have knowledge of the basic skills will be encouraged to create their own designs and work on improving their confidence in handling and working with glass, as well as developing their design skills.

·         Students who wish to make a window to be installed into their home will be instructed in accurate measuring and installation techniques.  The use of tie bars and steel core leads are an important part of designing for windows. Students will learn how to incorporate structural support into their designs.

·         For those who are interested there is the opportunity of trying traditional glass painting, creating patterns and textures on the glass surface. These kiln fired pieces can be incorporated into a panel.

·         Students will be encouraged to work at their own pace on their own project, be creative and have fun working with stained glass.

·         During the course learners will be expected to keep a reflective diary, as a fundamental part of the creative process is learning to critique and self-reflect on your work. At the start of the course the tutor will discuss the best way for you to do this


Possible progression courses or career opportunities

After this course you may wish to carry on for another term, furthering your skills and improving on design technique.

If you would like to find out what courses are offered by Buckinghamshire’s colleges and universities or if you would like to talk to the National Careers Service about what to do next, please go to our website: www.adultlearningbcc.ac.uk  and click on information, advice and guidance  



Additional course costs and essential items for all students


If you wish to hire tools for the course the cost is £5.00 per student per term.

If you intend to buy your own tools you will receive advice about this as the first class. Expect to pay approx. £40 for a basic set.

Beginners may choose to buy materials for their first project from the tutor.            Starter panel costs are £25.00 - £45.00 depending on panel size.

After completing your first project you will be encouraged to buy your own glass and lead from a local supplier.

All students may purchase other small items from the tutor on a pay as you go basis.


There is a £5.00 charge for firing painted glass in the tutor’s kiln.



All students will need to have the following pieces of equipment



1.    A piece of plain window glass

This is used as an easel. The coloured glass pieces are stuck to it with plasticine


2.    A piece of 12mm thick chipboard

     This is used as a glazing board


Chipboard and plain glass sizes:

These need to be approx. 400mm x 500mm

The starter project panel is approx. A3 in size.


Whatever size panel you choose to make, your board needs to be 50mm bigger on all sides to allow space for the glazing supports.


3.    Two battens of wood approx.12mm x 25mm to use as glazing supports


4.    A small hammer and some 25 - 30mm panel pins

5.    Small amount of plasticine ( not blue tac )


6.    Protective eye glasses to wear when glass cutting.

                 only if you do not already wear glasses.

Please wear covered shoes




Any queries – please refer to tutors website at www.nicolakantorowicz.com






This course is subsidised by the Skills Funding Agency, as part of our contract with them there is a requirement for certain paperwork to be completed. If this paperwork is not completed we will be required to charge our full cost hourly fee (£10 per hour 2016-17)


If this course runs over lunchtime, please bring your own packed lunch.


We advise you not to purchase any additional equipment and materials until after the first session for long courses.  For one day and short courses please do not purchase materials more than 7 days before the course is due to run in case we have to cancel. 


Additional Information


If the required minimum number of students is not reached, we cannot guarantee that the course will run. If a course does not reach its minimum number we may offer learners the opportunity to run as a small group for reduced weeks paying the original fee, or of paying an increased fee as an alternative to closing the course.


Most of our income comes from the Skills Funding Agency; to be able to use this to keep fee rates down we have to provide certain evidence such as enrolment forms, learning agreements and individual learning plans.  Please help us meet this requirement by completing these in your sessions.


It may occasionally be necessary for reasons beyond the control of Buckinghamshire Adult Learning to change the tutor of any programme.  Should this happen, we will try to find a suitable replacement tutor to guarantee the quality of the course.  We will not be able to notify learners in advance of classes starting or to offer refunds because of tutor changes.


N.B. Parking restrictions may apply - please refer to the location map or our brochure for details. Alternatively visit our website www.adultlearningbcc.ac.uk/ or call 01296 382403.


Unfortunately, children under the age of 16 cannot be accepted into any of our classes unless the course is designed for adults and children learning together. This applies to all courses so is not venue specific.  Information on childcare providers can be obtained from http://www.bucksfamilyinfo.org/


This information is designed to help you to decide if this is the right course for you. Please phone 01296 382403 to discuss if you are unsure.


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